Teaching Philosophy

I'd like to share a bit about me and my philosophy as a teacher.

I knew I wanted to teach music as a freshman in high school. Music camps, influential teachers, and mentors in my life had such a monumental effect on how I viewed the world that I felt I needed to provide that for others.

Today I teach and play music in a variety of styles- Rock, Pop, Classical, Bluegrass, Folk etc. I feel a particular calling to expose kids in these pivotal years of their lives to as many styles and ways of playing as possible in hopes that one sparks interest for them as they did for me.

Music brings immense joy into my life in the form of community, freedom of expression, camaraderie, and in service.

My deepest desire as a music teacher is to inspire a lifelong

love, appreciation for and participation in music.

I believe part of my calling is inspiring students in class, but as I reflect on my role I realize that my communication to you, the parents, plays a huge role in achieving this goal.

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