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Double Your Music Learning Ability

How to DOUBLE your Music Learning ability

The 21st century offers us amazing opportunities to learn music like never before. Here is a great strategy in learning to read/improve your overall musicianship.

  1. LISTEN to the song on YouTube, Spotify... anywhere you can access music.

  2. TAP your foot to the beat

  3. LOOK at the sheet music while listening- tap each measure along with the beat four times (On some occasions 1,2, or 3 etc depending on the time signature)

  4. REPEAT steps 1-3 as many times as you need to- strengthen the ear to sight connection. As you gain confidence, start to sing along/speak along with the rhythm

If you think back- this is how many of us learned to read! Hearing our parent's voices while looking down at big picture books. We associate what we hear with what we see and make connections organically.

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