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"I told her that I Loved Her
She Said "I Love you too"
I could tell she didn't know
The Love that I's referring to

Then she asked me for some music
I didn't know what to say
About playing "second fiddle" 
On her Wedding Day

I watched as they held hands
Everything seemed so gay
But deep inside my world was ending
So I turned my eyes away

And I did the only thing
My broken heart told me to do
I rosined up my bow
and played the second fiddle blues"


The Story

Co-written with my bandmate from Rock Hearts, Alex Macleod, Second Fiddle Blues was recorded as a duet with my good friend Vickie Vaughn (Della Mae, High Fidelity Bluegrass) in Nashville in Feb 2023. Vickie recommended Mike Drassler for pedal steel guitar which completed the classic country lonesome sound. The story is a heart wrenching, classic melodrama that fits perfectly in the  canon of great country music. 

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