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First Single Release - Twin Fiddling with Michael Cleveland

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Couldn't be more excited to share the first fruits of a year's worth of dreaming, sacrifice, and hard work.

A year ago I couldn't have imagined I would be playing with such an established group of talented musicians- let alone be working with a record label that's helping us get our music out into the world. Thanks to The 615 Hideaway Records for working with us!

In April, we made the trek to Nashville to record my first full-length album with the Rock Hearts.

On Friday, the first single was released and is available for streaming on all platforms! Even better- this one features some killer twin fiddling with none other than Michael Cleveland himself! Let me know what you think

Nashville, TN (August 19, 2022) – The 615 Hideaway Records is proud to announce the debut single “Wanderlust” from Bluegrass emerging group Rock Hearts. “Wanderlust” is written by band member Alexander R. MacLeod IV and produced by Ned Luberecki which features a collaborative performance with special guest Michael Cleveland. Alex describes the debut single as a song that explores the yearning to constantly move and not remain static. A phenomenon that occurs with many “adult military brats” who moved frequently as children. It’s a song that I would dedicate to every adult “military brat,” who by simply being born into a military family, had to move frequently, often leaving friends and loved ones behind, always being the “new kid” and trying to make sense of it all, never knowing where “they’re from.” Not so much the story, but the genesis of the story.

Rock Hearts met Michael Cleveland back on their very first festival in Pemi Valley (NH) where they did some pickin’ and became friends. Alex reached out to Michael and asked him to play on the upcoming album. Thankfully and graciously, he agreed, but the only problem was Rock Hearts didn’t have a song they felt would showcase Michael’s prodigious fiddle playing and provide the opportunity for a twin fiddle spectacular with Rock Hearts own Austin Scelzo. Originally written in a slower, “darker” bluesier country style, Alex reimagined this song at a faster clip with more of a bluegrass drive. Thankfully so, because he and others feel it was tailor-made for special guest, Michael Cleveland, to “carve it up” in his prodigious style, as only Michael can do. Michael Cleveland and Rock Hearts fiddler, Austin Scelzo, twin on the first fiddle break and Michael has his way with the second fiddle break. Billy Thibodeau does a great job with his mando break, while Joey maintains the heavy-handed forward drive of the five-string, while Ricky and Alex keep the rhythm in sync. Produced by Ned Luberecki “Wanderlust” was recorded at Dark Shadow Recording Studio and contains performances by Alex MacLeod (Lead vocals and guitar), Austin Scelzo (Harmony vocals, fiddle), Billy Thibodeau (Mandolin), Joe Deetz (Banjo), Rick Brodsky (Bass) and special guest: Michael Cleveland 2nd fiddle break and twin fiddles. “Wanderlust” is available for download to D.J.’s and program directors on AirPlay Direct. “Wanderlust” will be available commercially on Friday, August 19, wherever digital downloads are available including iTunes , Amazon and for streaming on Spotify and Pandora. Rock Hearts are currently finishing up their debut album on 615 Hideaway Records with Ned Luberecki producing, and Stephen Mougin engineer extraordinaire at Dark Shadow Recording Studio. It was a winning formula for the band’s first album Starry Southern Nights and the band felt that their second album would again be the right place with these incredible musicians, professionals and all around great human beings.

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