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Founding the CT Bluegrass Association

Scott Wilkins with interviews Austin at the 2021 Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival.

"Austin Scelzo was interviewed at Podunk Bluegrass Festival. This awesome musician is taking Connecticut by storm. Besides being involved as a bluegrass musician he is also extremely involved in teaching music and helping to organize Connecticut's Bluegrass Association. Check out"

The interview talks about my transition from Public School teaching to a life of self-employment where I could pour my heart into the bluegrass community. It references Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam Classes, the Bluegrass, Country and Roots Youth Club, the Multi Style Creative Strings School, my joining the Rock Hearts, and my love of the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival!

"Podunk is great. When I first came here, I went not knowing a soul... I would just walk around with my fiddle on my back, looking for a campsite without a fiddle player. I sat down with total strangers and played music until 4 in the morning with them"

The interview also references a twin fiddle workshop with Michael Cleveland. Here's a quick clip of some of the twin fiddling that went on that week!

Other workshops included "Bluegrass Backup Fundamentals for Mandolin and Fiddle", and "Vocal Harmony" Fundamentals.

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