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Legendary Musician and Teacher: Stacy Phillips 

Stacy Phillips (1944 -2018) was a legendary Connecticut based roots musician, bluegrass and fiddler teacher and tremendously knowledgeable educator. He performed with well-known musicians like Tony Trischka, David Bromberg, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Statman.

I only had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times, but I’m floored by the musical footprints he has left behind, in both his wealth of meticulous educational resources and in the tonal voices of those students who were lucky enough to learn from him. 

I’ve taken it upon myself to compile all of his educational content (DVDs and books). I have located them and provided links, most of which are digital, so that they can be referenced when the printed versions run out of stock. Of note, there are two resources that are either not available digitally, or out of print currently. I have access to these. 

Read more about his career and legacy in his obituary: 


“These information-packed lessons are aimed at basic players as well as violinists who play classical, jazz or old-time music and want to learn the nuances of bluegrass style”


“Contains 33 "super contest" fiddle solos as played by such champions as Mark O'Connor and Benny Thomasson”

“A meticulous collection of recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers”

“This unique book presents authentic and fun multiple fiddle arrangements in thefollowing styles: old-time, bluegrass, western swing, waltzes, and more”

“Over 100 transcriptions of classic swing fiddle solos. Includes interviews with the masters, exercises, tips, discography, bibliography and rare historical photographs.”

Meticulously collected from recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers- this book is meant to provide a snapshot of what American fiddlers were playing and listening to in the latter part of the 20th Century” 

This book will give the bluegrass fiddler an idea of the wide range of licks that are part of the repertoire. The licks included range from hardcore traditional to jazzy, urban progressive. Laid bare are those sizzling, audience-grabbing riffs that all fiddlers find irresistible.”

Bluegrass Fiddle Styles - 1978 Kenny Kosek and Stacy Phillips

The most complete bluegrass fiddle book ever published. Authentic transcriptions of classic bluegrass breaks in the styles of major players.”

“Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, Favorite American Listening Pieces, Two Steps and Marches for Fiddle presents over 120 classic and lesser-known fiddle tunes from all parts of the United States, some with multiple versions.”

Stoney Lonesome - The Fiddle Tunes of Bill Monroe - 2011

This rare collection includes arrangements and commentary on every fiddle tune ever attributed to Bill Monroe. It’s an absolutely amazing resource and is nearly impossible to locate. It is only made available on a one-to-one basis with those serious about preserving the music.

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