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Nashville Recording Session!

What an amazing week recording at Dark Shadow Studios with the Rock Hearts!

Checking in- Getting it done today with recording Engineer Stephen Mougin and Producer Ned Luberecki!

My first music video with the Rock Hearts was released on day two of this trip!

A sneak peak at a day in the studio

Our producer, Ned Luberecki helping promote the new album! (can you tell he runs a radio show??)

We met up with our record label, 615 Hideaway. This partnership will help our music reach a wider audience with radio airplay and social media promotion. We recorded an interview that will be released alongside our first single.

Enjoying our final day in Nashville - visiting the famous music shop- Carter Vintage Guitars.

Snapping a picture with the father of bluegrass music, Mr. Bill Monroe.

We need your help to fund the project! We still have a long way to go- including paying for mixing and mastering, for Grammy Award winning guest artists, promoting/distributing the material and covering our overhead from traveling to Nashville.

Here are some of the perks you can get by backing the project!

  • Signed albums

  • Early release of singles from the album

  • T-Shirts and stickers

  • Lessons with band member of choice

  • House Concert!

  • And more!

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