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Black Washed Wall



Austin Scelzo was introduced to various fiddle traditions at Mark O'Connor's early Berklee String Camps, learning from powerhouse players like Billy Contreras, Jason Anick, Casey Dreissen, Jeremy Kittel, Andy Reiner, Bruce Molsky, Mark O'Connor, and Christian Howes. Austin's Bluegrass journey began with the Western CT based group the "Angry O'Haras", then later "On the Trail", with which he recorded fiddle and vocals. He actively records and performs with the Southern New England based Bluegrass band, the Rock Hearts (615 Hideaway Records)


Austin is also an active bluegrass community advocate, teaching Wernick Method Jam classes, creating and maintaining the performance venue "Bluegrass Coffeehouse" and launching the Connecticut Bluegrass Music Association.

"I am passionate about education, empowering others, and inspiring a lifelong love of music in people of all ages. I aim to draw the best out of my students and love to coach them in whatever direction they might desire. My eclectic background in classical, folk, and jazz styles lends me a wide variety of opportunities for teaching and performing.

I teach privately, in person or virtually, offer a online courses in creative string playing, harmony vocals, and country/bluegrass fiddle, and host Wernick Method group jam classes designed to get folks playing together right away. Click here to read all about my teaching services and pricing.

With my public school experience, I also offer teacher training/coaching and residencies designed to help students and teachers infuse creativity into their musicianship."

Austin Scelzo: Performer
Austin Scelzo: Teacher

"After having known Austin for several years and observing him closely in his work as a musician and educator in many capacities, I recommend him wholeheartedly as a teacher, speaker and clinician.  His work in education is at the cutting edge in our field and he is exemplary in terms of his integrity and leadership.


I’ve seen Austin interact with his students, peers, and teachers in a variety of settings and can say without a doubt that he is an excellent player and teacher, and a very well-rounded musician.


It is rare to find someone who is as equally dedicated to developing as a teacher and player"

-Christian Howes, Former Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music

Austin was a fabulous teacher. He was able to help everyone in the class, with all their levels of expertise.”"

"A naturally gifted teacher and an excellent musician!"
Black Background


Bluegrass Fiddle - "Whispering Waters" with the Rock Hearts
A Waltz - "Upon the Knoll" (Original Composition)
Country Fiddle
"Coquette" Gypsy Jazz 

Harmony Vocals "Over in the Gloryland"

Black Washed Wall


Black Washed Wall